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Vape Organics Announces the First USDA-Certified Organic Nicotine for e-Cigarettes

Vape Organics today announced that it has formulated the first USDA-certified organic, USP grade nicotine to be incorporated into its e-juices for electronic cigarettes.
Riverside, CA (BizHWY) June 4, 2015 - Vape Organics today announced that it has formulated the first USDA-certified organic, USP grade nicotine which is now incorporated into its e-juices for electronic cigarettes. Through this innovation, consumers can now vape with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that they are using a nicotine delivery option that not only mitigates the harm from tobacco combustion, but also from pesticides. As consumers become increasingly aware of the ingredients in their e-liquids and considering that researchers have found traces of suspected carcinogens in traditional cigarette smoke, the development of USDA-certified organic nicotine is most welcome.

In September 2014, Vape Organics was the first company to offer USDA-certified organic e-juices with zero nicotine. "To maintain product integrity and fulfill our mission of offering the vape community the highest quality products, we set out to develop a truly organic nicotine that is both USP grade and uniquely free of any petroleum-derived solvent. After many months of extensive R&D, and a lengthy application pending period, Vape Organics is proud to have secured USDA organic certification for our proprietary nicotine," said Eko Handoko, Founder of Vape Organics.

Unlike liquid nicotine that is produced in India and China, Vape Organics' U.S. based manufacturing process offers transparency, by way of the organic certification, at every level of production. The process starts with organic tobacco leaves, grown in the United States and free of synthetic pesticides. However, organic tobacco alone does not guarantee organic nicotine. Quality Assurance International (QAI), one of the primary USDA-accredited organic certifying agencies, inspects and approves every aspect of the USDA-certified organic nicotine, from the raw materials, to processing, handling, extraction, and even the facility and equipment utilized.

"Just as consumers are starting to care more about what's in their e-liquids, we at Vape Organics have risen to the challenge and are doing our part to propel the vape industry forward with certified organic products and long-term vision. Consumers recognize and appreciate that our products harmoniously honor the connection between personal well-being and the well-being of the environment which sustains us," said Sheerlie Ryngler, Director of Operations at Vape Organics.

Partnership with Vape Organics represents a unique opportunity for distributors and wholesalers to stand out as industry leaders by selling the only e-liquids containing USDA-certified organic nicotine. Not only are the products offered by Vape Organics competitively priced, but made from only premium ingredients, and free of any artificial flavors, they taste as pure as they are.

About Vape Organics:

Vape Organics is a wholesale-only manufacturer of premium quality, USDA-certified organic e-liquids. We partner with qualified brick-and-mortar vaping shops and online retailers who purchase our e-liquids wholesale and make them available to vaping enthusiasts everywhere. Our solar-powered California facility includes an in-house R&D department, three ISO-certified clean rooms, and a high tech lab.
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