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!00% Natural and Safe Pest Control

Mrs believes using safe eco-friendly 100% Natural products, pesticides are ruining our planet we sell the newest safe and effective pest control for yards,homes,family and pets..
Canton, MA (BizHWY) May 12, 2015 - I started this company because like you, I love my family and pets. I'm a gardening fanatic but I got tired of constantly swatting away bugs doing what I enjoy. Being in the vegetable garden or planting the flower beds was becoming what seemed like a war between me and the bugs, never mind letting the kids and dog out in the yard to possibly contract insect borne illness', We also carry a line of products for the farm-barn animals. It is a very easy do it yourself line that will solve most every problem. We use 100% Bio-Based insect neutralizer with natural Bacteria, mildew and fungus fighting properties. It is EPA EXEMPT from federal registration (25b product) 85% cedar oil 15% ethyl lactate. It poses no harm to the environment, pets, farm animals, waterways, soil, crops, or the community. "NATURES DEFENDER" technology provides a high level of arthropod and other insect knockdown while its residual subsequently acts as a repellent. "NATURES DEFENDER" is a water soluble compound formulated using organic inserts that promote micron size (droplets) beneficial for use in typical insect control methods such as compression or pressure spray delivery. The chemical free solution does not stain so it's perfect for hardscapes as well as outdoor furniture. The Cedar Aroma creates a "Barrier of Entry" making treated areas off limits to non-beneficial insects in your lawns. The bio solvent influenced cedar oil will dissolve insect egg and larvae by eroding the exoskeleton and cuticle, promoting rapid dehydration. Egg-layer cycles are further interrupted by pheromone interference with the insect's octopamine neuroreceptors, and the next generation of arthropod is thereby eliminated. Effectively control insects such as Ants, Mosquitoes, Flies, Moths, Grubs, Armyworms, Mole Crickets, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, Grasshoppers, White Flies, Mediterranean Fruit Flies, Mites, Citrus Rust Mite, nematodes, Aphids, Scale, Stink Bugs, Bagworms, Eastern Tent Caterpillar and numerous other flying, crawling and subterranean pests including termites of all species. "NATURES DEFENDER" is also a natural organic Bactericide and fungicide and will effectively control Powdery Mildew and other related fungal organisms such as Brown Patch, Take All Patch, Dollar Spot and other Turf Yellowing disease. As a larvicide, it will destroy both egg and larvae in standing water and other areas. "NATURES DEFENDER" is approved for use in organic farming protocol "FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTION" Although no protective clothing is necessary we encourage gloves, goggles.

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