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How to avoid getting arrested! By the #1 bail bonds company in Van Nuys.

#1 question people ask me is,how do I avoid getting arrest? No matter who you are, weather you are doing something wrong or not.Being pulled over by a officer with a gun can be very intimidating!
Van Nuys, CA (BizHWY) November 21, 2013 - As a bail bondsman in Los Angeles CA, I get asked this question often. How do I avoid getting in trouble with the law? Here are a few tips on how to keep calm and avoid getting asked more questions then you need. Anytime I have ever gotten pulled over by a police officer in Van Nuys or the Los Angeles area the number one question the officers tends to ask is the same question. where you are going and where you are coming from? I suggest,you have a ready set of answers in place. Most of the time our encounters with officers are when we are coming from someplace or going someplace; otherwise we would not be out and about. For example,I just left school, and I am heading home. Keep it simple and short always end your answers with yes Sr no Sr. unless its a female officer then, I suggest you don't call her a Sr. My second advice is to avoid unwanted att by causing noise our smells. Such as weed or what ever else you can smell that can land you in jail. Weed has a very strong oder, And weed is still a probable cause to get searched. And if you get searched and they find other things on you then this can get you in to allot of trouble you can very well get a felony charge on your record. THis will cause you to lose your time going back and forth to court houses and wasting money on court ordered drug classes. Unless you want to get clean the court is not helping. Instead you will most likely do more drugs,due to the stress of going to unwanted drug classes and paying tickets to the court house. You also want to stay away from loud sounds if you create loud sounds such as music or yelling ,you will most likely attract police. SO keep your enviorment as quite and smell proof as possible. Leave your drugs at home. Besides its more fun that way and safer. Next,Do Not!!!!! carry any sort of weapons on you. Officers get scared very easily. I'm not sure why, but they tend to be very jumpy. I once had an officer in my house. I had fake handcuffs on the chair, he freaked out so bad! He pulled his gun out and that was very scary for me. Since I was not sure why he was getting all crazy but when he pointed the cuffs out to me. I realized that he is very scared and might shoot me! We don't know what they are thinking they might feel like they are in danger. So to avoid getting shot and killed do not carry any weapons on you at anytime. Unless you have a permit to carry a weapon.If you want to carry a weapon on you then move to a state that allows this to happen. California is not one of those states. Always remember that manners go a long way. Yes, sir. No, sir. You are sending a message to the police officer that says, "Officer, you are in charge. And last but not least is always password protect your cell phone.If you get your phone taken away and searched they might read a text that can get you in trouble or someone else. And we deff don't want that to happen. But if you do get arrested call Big Boy Bail Bonds, Inc. We have offices in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and Van Nuys.
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