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Auto Body Software CC3 Gives Shops the Edge

Auto Body Software with integrated accounting makes jobcosting and accounting easy and accurate. With CC3, developed by Stuart McColl, you know your costs, and whether you're making money or not.
Seattle, WA (BizHWY) April 12, 2013 - Auto Body Software pioneer Stuart McColl has made a career advancing the profitability of individual shops and shop chains like Service King, Cook's Collision, Collision Central, and True Quality Collision. The CC3 management system was developed to guarantee auto body shops would have an easy to operate management system that was powerful and specific enough for the challenges of auto body jobcosting and accounting. 20 years after entering the industry McColl reports "Little has really changed, if a shop can't do proper jobcosting, the shop can't know what to charge and can't know it's profit, which will usually lead to failure ... CC3 is the most detailed shop jobcosting management system available anywhere in the world at any price."

How is this possible ? Some CC3 users claim it is the integrated accounting that makes CC3 so accurate and easy to use. They say that because CC3 has a body shop oriented accounting system, unlike Quickbooks, every step of the way is both accurate and easy to execute. Other users point to the user interface which was developed while considering ergonomics and statistics with an emphasis on speed, which translates into the least amount of keystrokes for simple operations like opening ROs, posting invoices, returning parts, and collecting receivables. With no pull down menus, the CC3 user interface allows the fastest possible transaction processing. It's both easy to learn for new employees and very fast for the experienced users. Still others point to the scanner which is interfaced directly into the accounting system. Integrated accounting combined with the scanner means never copying or filing paper. Quickbooks does not have that capability, making it slow and paper oriented, therefore the scanner can't make the office paperless like CC3 does.

McColl explains "Sure CC3 was one of the first to run on both the IPad and Microsoft Surface, but I tell all the kids and the shop owners, if your software doesn't track your costs easily and accurately, there is not going to be much profit left over to buy all that other gear. And, the easiest way to track costs is with integrated accounting software that is designed to fit your shop like a glove." As an example McColl points to everyday chores like posting an invoice to an RO. When the parts guy in the back posts the invoice, he records the costs to the RO, drops the invoice into the scanner, which immediately puts the entry and a copy of the invoice into the accounting journal and the payables ledger. And, that makes the folks in accounting very happy, because they can immediately see the copy of the invoice. Apparently, returning parts is similarly easy, because CC3, unlike Quickbooks, has a Credit Memo Ledger. "Quickbooks doesn't have the ability to show scanned images or handle part returns properly. It's like ramming a square peg through a round hole with every transaction in the shop all day long where costs go up while efficiency and accuracy go down. Qrazybooks! " McColl points out.

With all the so called "advancements" in computers and software it's very rare to find a software programmer who claims "little has changed in the last 20 years". CC3's look and feel over the years has remained remarkably unchanged and simple, and yet no software seems to be able to challenge CC3's leadership when it comes to integrated accounting and jobcosting. "The reason for that is year in and year out we've kept our eye on the ball, we don't blow around in the wind like the other guys. CC3 must deliver the profits to our customers or we will be out of business. Last year was one of our best years in business, and we have no intention of changing our successful auto body software formula any time soon of keeping it simple, powerful, and fast. We're going to keep giving people what they want." McColl guarantees.

Auto Body Software
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