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Informing others as the best tool for development.
WAYZATA, MN (BizHWY) October 4, 2010 - Liberty Institute of Advocates int'l is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004, to address several issues as seen in our summarized mission statement below:
To sensitize the public on issues as to how best Peace, Justice, Education, Health, Fight against crime, promotion of human rights, facilitation of children and support their effective growth by providing the basic needs, and the great fight again poverty by emphasizing on economic development can contribute to Democracy in society.
Like many companies, our goal is to reach the most potential capabilities in services, and be able to get to the needy as we satisfy our clients and donors. We are supported to do what we are doing in changing the lives of others, and improving the most corporations' performance both in personnel and marketing; we improve on their sales both local and international. I do thank those who have managed to donate all they can to enable us continue to serve, and I also thank those who are willing to support us as we go various ways. You are all recognized.
As a nonprofit corporation, we have found it easier to approach our supporters for help, as we also give back. We have set up a program to generate money to support our objectives and projects, bearing in mind that even those who generously give us whatever they have, we don't just take, but we do thank them in various ways.
We have a quarterly magazine; our team has put together this magazine with lots of news, and information, that it is read by millions of people all-over the world; we give our supporters a space to advertise, what you pay for such a space is recorded as a donation, and your penny goes to effectively help those disadvantaged, schools, health services, fight poverty, and sensitize the youth against corruption as the means to develop their communities. As a tax exempt organization we also give you our receipt to help in the upcoming tax season. "Here we use both hands to clean one another".
Despite our passion to help others, we feel it is also in order to extend our services to facilitate trade and investments. We have other programs as follows:
Information technology; this is needed in today's life of every sector. We have the expertise in transferring this knowledge to others for better results.
Research and Development; we provide this kind of service to any level of industry; we do this because one of our objectives is to enhance development in the global economy.
Management Consulting; we agreed never to keep to ourselves but to bless others as we are blessed. The vast knowledge passed to others is more useful than that one kept secretly. Our goal is to ensure that an organized society becomes substantial to the people in the very society. Let knowledge flow as it develops our people, socially and economically.
I call upon you all to help us in the best ways possible, to achieve these galls, and also if you are out there and need any of our services, please call on us we shall answer.
I will not forget those in need of our legal services, tax related issues, immigration issues and all humanitarian needs, we are here to address the problems, because we need a stress less society.
Thank you and you are welcome to visit our website, and make any comment or advice for the purposes of improving our services at:
By Godius Yesigye,
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Contact Information
Godius Yesigye
801 Twelve Oaks Ctr Drive Ste 812
Wayzata MN 952-745-9000