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Got what it takes to think up a new skill? is a site where people can meet others in their local communities to exchange skill training.
Greenwich, CT (BizHWY) February 10, 2010 - It's amazing how many skills there are. The list is unfathomably large. seeks to be on the cutting edge of the skills' hemisphere and has 300 categories of skills that its members can choose from. However, there are sub-skills and in some cases sub-sub skills. So where does anyone begin?

"The most universal comment people make is that they don't have any skills to offer", said a spokesman. Oh really? Let's say a certain woman has the most difficult job on earth; which of course is being a mother. Let's say she can drive and speak perfect English. We will call her Betty for our example. Well Betty, has news for you; if you can speak English there are many people who have learned to speak English but have issues with their pronunciation, grammar or syntax. Perhaps they would be interested in reaching out to you in person and seeing if you can correct basic mistakes they are making. You don't have to be an expert to help!

Now what about your ability to drive? There are lots of people who would love help learning to drive. Perhaps you can give them some basic pointers: like "don't crash and look both ways." You don't have to risk life and limb by getting into a car with them.

And didn't we say you're a mother? If you're a mother, you will know a ton about time management, multi-tasking, coping with virtually no sleep, patience, planning ahead and organizing and much more besides. Please, please help new mothers who don't yet know what they are up against!

But why would you help them Betty? Well, consider this, what if you were to exchange your numerous skills for other skills? What if the person you helped to pronounce a few basic words agreed to teach you conversational Spanish? Or what if the person you helped to drive was an expert at negotiations and wanted to help you negotiate the best deals from your local favorite stores? And what if the person you taught to be a better parent was a lawyer, who could give you a lesson in drafting a business contract?

The great thing about is its focus on boosting peoples' knowledge of skills. The list of which is ever-expanding and limited only by peoples' imaginations. If you want a skill that's not there, submit one and eventually, someone might say, "wow, someone actually wants to know what I'm good at!"
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